The Bikini Bible Cookbook!
A simple guide to losing weight 
Take back control & learn which foods burn fat!
Stop binge eating Oreos and swap for healthy desserts!
A plan that keeps you full and satisfied,
Start seeing results in 1 week,
Girls & Guys LOVE the Bikini Bible Cookbook!!!
"I learned that I didn't have to eat the same healthy meal at night, I have options and still have abs!"
"I'm always on the go, but this cookbook helped me keep on track"
"I never have time to cook, but these recipes are fast, easy, and curb my cravings!
"I am shocked how good the desserts are!"
"As a mom I love to cook, but sometimes you need to be inspired!" 
"The best food I've had in my life!!"
About Brie Thomas
I used to weigh 180lbs, can you believe that? 

I tried every fad diet out there, South Beach, the HGC diet, Weight Watchers, the Atkins, Paleo, the lemon juice and maple cleanse. .

And here’s what happened. . .
I would lose 10lbs and then gain back 20! 

I was ALONE, I was DEFEATED, I was LOST.
I created the Bikini Bible Cookbook, because I don't want this to happen to ANYONE!

I will TEACH you how to be able to lose weight on your own!

And most importantly, you’ll be doing it with other women who are in YOUR exact same shoes! 

Expect REAL change! Expect REAL results!
And expect to walk away knowing more about food and fitness then you ever have before! Knowledge is Power!
      Girl Power! 
This cookbook contains proven fat-burning foods from the top nutritionists at these research institutions!

Easy to use in your kitchen at home or on vacation!!
What you'll get . . .
100+ Fat Burning 
Each meal is proportionally balanced to cut fat! Breakfast, Lunch, Dinners, Snacks, Dips, and of course. . .Desserts
Learn how to always be in fat burning mode!
Keeping your body in fat burning mode is easy! Just make sure to be doing these few simple steps every day!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee 
Guaranteed to lose weight or inches within the first 30 days or your money back!
Jen Oldfield 
Just your average gal who wants to
feel confident in a bikini!
"I was ALWAYS Bloated, in just five days I was able to shrink my waist 1 inch! ... I was never able to this before!"
Make sure your body is "always in fat-burning mode!"
The Bikini Bible Cookbook is specifically designed for women and men who want to change their body! You don't have to sacrifice taste to cut back on the calories, all you need to do is know WHAT substitutes to use. Our clean eating guide will help you distinguish what foods to enjoy and what foods to avoid!  
First, you will learn about what foods to avoid and foods to enjoy. Without these foods in our diet, our metabolism will slow down, and we will experience spikes in our blood sugar. These spikes will give us more bad cravings, making us hangery, and not giving us energy throughout the day; leaving us tired, with a foggy mind, and weak. 
You will learn how to avoid this

The Bikini Bible Cookbook will teach you how to keep your body in fat burning mode through which foods to eat, nutritional timing, how many calories to eat and how often. You'll be an expert in how to choose the best foods for your body, and you will start to see the results INSTANTLY!

How To Conquer Cravings!
It was 7pm, I was standing in the pantry. . and I  found myself eating candy out of my secret stash on the top shelf. But that was before the handful of Cheese-its, a handful of of Oreos, and handful of ruffles, and a handful of cereal. . This hunger just came over me and I felt like an animal that had never seen food before!!! “It's only a few handfuls,” I thought to myself. “Just a taste won’t hurt anything. . .”
I was feeling pretty satisfied after all the snacks, but then I looked down at my belly poking out. . . and with a sad look on my face, I thought why did I just ruin my progress? . . .how did I even get here?”
I put the snacks down, and tried to find something to do. . . 

An hour later, I’m on the couch watching TV and the next - my body is on auto pilot mode dragging me to the pantry again . .like a magnet. I don’t even remember why I was coming to the pantry, I’M NOT EVEN HUNGRY, but I started staring at all the foods wondering what would satisfy this craving. . 
I try to convince myself that it’s not too late to turn back. . . I look back at the couch debating in my head . .but then my hands just automatically start grabbing and I start inhaling all the things I know are bad for me. I think to myself “well. . . can’t stop now. . I’ll just enjoy these foods, and re-start tomorrow!”

My belly is pretty happy right now, but my head is full or regret and disappointment with myself. Pinching my fat, and feeling grossed out. 
Why can’t I control myself? Why is this so hard? 
How come healthy things can’t taste as good as this junk food?

The next day I told myself “ I’m HAVE to go to the gym today now” and “ I’m not going to eat ANYTHING bad tonight!” Commanding my body to be good. But then I found myself eating ice cream the next night. .. at least it was the low calorie ice cream right??? Thats how I would justify it. . 

I KNEW why I wasn’t loosing weight, but it was so hard to stick to a diet. I felt like my options were so limited, and all the foods were bland.
Having this internal tug of war every time I ate something was 

The only thing I knew what to do was write it out . . 
Write down a list of all the proven fat burning foods, and a list of all the bad foods.
And there was a LONGGGGGGG List of bad foods currently in my pantry. .. 

I started brainstorming!
If I could take all the bad foods away. .. what would I have left? 
Let me tell you, at the time, what was left was a barren, empty, sad looking pantry. 

But, then I had an epiphany!

What If I only allowed myself to keep fat-burning foods in my pantry? . . . or even my entire house? 
It’s impossible to cheat now!!!

But then I started to become slightly discouraged. .. “ This is stupid, and no one lives like this, everyone has junk food in their house, it’s just how it is. . .”

The thought I had next CHANGED MY ENTIRE LIFE

What If whenever I craved a brownie, or snacks it had to be only made from fat-burning ingredients? What if I could create recipes that SATISFIED Cravings, made me feel full, and actually tasted good!!!!

I jumped up and down “AH HA!”, My dog immediately started wagging her tail and was looking up at me with a smile. “Sunny Puppy. . .I’m going to change the way of life! Change these bad habits that were INGRAINED in me! 
I told my overflowing belling. . . go ahead and turn on auto pilot because the only thing that will be available will be things that will help you go away! 

I immediately took out all the foods that were bad for me a put them on the counter. I laid them ALLL out.
I took each ingredients out and starting writing down healthy substitutes.
Great I thought, now I’ve got all the right fat-burning ingredients, but what do I make?
I’m not a chef. . .I need something simple and easy but that also tastes good.

 I was nervous. These foods had been such staples in my life. And the little voice in my head was telling me . . .How will you live without them? 
I started looking at my past favorite meals, and I slowly started creating new recipes with the healthy substitutions. 
I started researching texture and consistntacy 
how to substitute different measurements 
And how to make something sweet with no sugar.
All these little things that would make a bid difference in the taste. 

I kicked out the voice that was inside my head, who was telling me I was fat, not smart enough, useless, and not a creator. 
I buckled down & 
I Baked
I Grilled
I Sautéed 
Until I had so many recipes that I would 
NEVER GET BORED of what I was eating. . 
Recipes that ACTUALLY TASTE GOOD. . .
recipes that KEEP WELL IN THE FRIDGE.. . 
And desserts that would actually help me LOOSE THE WEIGHT.

After 7 months of being on these recipes, I was able to loose 60lbs!!!!! 
& since then I have never EVER regained the weight back!

I said goodbye to the old me, the one who thought there was no hope, who blamed things on my circumstance, who was lazy, unhappy, unhealthy. . . The old version of me didn’t exist anymore. 

I finally started to feel confident in my jeans. I even started going out more. I had more confidence to go out and do exactly what I wanted to do, and nothing was going to hold me back.

I felt accomplished, I felt like a bad ass boss babe! I would look in the mirror and would just smile for no reason because I had did it! I had found the reason for why I was so unhappy. There was no more hiding, no more feeling ashamed or embarrassed. There was only light and sparkle! 

Without these changes, I would of fallen back to that dark place
But never again. 
This is NEW ME
The ME that I BELIEVE IN, 
And the Girl that wants to share this journey you!
Because If I can do it, you can do it!
Girl Power! 

So how does it really work? 
High blood sugar from foods you should avoid causes increases in the amount of insulin your body makes. High levels of insulin encourage your body to store fat, rather than burn it.

If you follow the foods in this cookbook, your blood sugar level stays lower (but not too low) and so insulin stays lower and this can encourage your body to burn fat. These foods have been proven keep your metabolism running faster, making you feel full all day long. If you're like me and need a little help keeping the weight off, then this cookbook is for you!
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