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100 + Fat Burning Recipes
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinners, Snacks, Dips, and of course. . .Desserts!
Learn How to Stay in Fat Burning Mode
Learn how to keep your body in fat burning mode with fat loss tips, proportional meals, and  nutritional timing!
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Kat Fernald

"I was eating fish and salad night after night, I didn't know what else I could cook that would follow my meal plan. This cookbook was so easy and it showed me all the different kinds of foods I could make while losing weight."

Jen Oldfield 

"I used to always be bloated, could never get rid of that lower belly. My bloat instantly went down after eating protein pancakes and other recipes in the cookbook. I loved being able to get a custom meal plan too!"

Brooke Leanne

"I though I knew what was healthy, but what I found is that there were a few other components that I was missing. This cookbook helped me fill in the gaps."
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